About Us

We are a group of young dynamic, dedicated and committed, social activists coming from a spectrum of fields getting together to work for rural India and needy people from all over. We have already taken several initiatives for the future for betterment of society. We have been able to take up projects related to philanthropy for villages and have been able to create an action plan for a new BHARAT. Our first priority is to serve the poor, needy and helpless rural folk so that they may be able to live dignified and wholesome lives. Other spheres of action include education, health, vocational training and employment. We are a movement that has been able to make a dent on the present scenario…

    “We are innovative, we have compassion”
    “We have enthusiasm, we are creators”

    We are confident we will create history, we will transform India will resonate with the belief “HAMARA BHARAT”